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Give Me Back My Body!

Reclaim your body's wholeness, health, become the ageless body -timeless mind, begin to reverse aging, illness and disease, open to your integrated, creative and dynamic self, heal relationships, release negative patterns, recreate your relationship with your body, healing meditations, critical biochemistry factors, sacred journeying, dance, ceremony, projects.  One Day Available - Best Results - Weekend Intensive

Conscious Mating

Are you in one - or headed for a mismatch?

A rational mate selection - conflict management formula for creating more meaningful, fulfilling intimate partnerships & exploring the principles of sacred sexuality. One day workshop 10-4,  Full weekend retreats to be scheduled. Download Registration Form


A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY! Imagine how much harmony and wellbeing we could create in our communities – if stress, pain, anxiety and blockages were prevented or removed AS they occur! SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE! *Rei-Ki-Gong is a blend of QiGong and Reiki techniques.  Raise your Chi level - strength, vitality, clarity, retard aging AND receive Reiki I, II, III attuments for healing of self and others. Two day workshop $350 .00  includes lunch, certification, handouts and attunements.

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