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JoyRae's Bio

JoyRae Freeman is a Master Healer, Spiritual Warrior, Writer, Radio Producer, Retreat & Workshop Facilitator, Business Consultant, Conscious Matchmaker.

JoyRae’s journey into understanding universal law was greatly expedited when she was called upon in 1987 to assist with creating the book “Project Earth”, a metaphysical primer, channeled through Eileen Wright, a close friend and spirit sister. As a continuing student of humanity and metaphysics, JoyRae has expertise in astrology and other self awareness topics.  One of her greatest rewards is in empowering others.  www.theprojctearth.net  

In 1996 – during a meditation, JoyRae received a powerful energy healing gift direct from source. She named it Divine Light  www.divinelite.net

JoyRae has a strong belief that we can create a better world TOGETHER   www.joy2u.org

Healing modalities and certifications include:  

  • Divine Light – Electromagnetic Energy
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Qi Gong Master & Instructor
  • Laser Reiki Master VII
  • Reiki Master/Instructor
  • Advanced Quantum Touch and Herbology.
  • NonViolent Communications
  • Essential Peacemaking – Women & Men, A Gender Conflict Resolution Model