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Claudia & JoyRae enjoy sharing conscious products and activities with long term and new clients 

Claudia's Bio

Claudia Burdick was born in Kalispell and raised in Montana. She has lived with her husband, Dan, in Helena for about 30 years.

Her Aromacology training includes, but is not limited to:

  • D. Gary Young, N.D. trainings at Edge University in Temir - Turkey, In Nice -  France, in Salt Lake City – Utah and Scottsdale – Arizona.
  • Vern Clark, an Herbalist and Radionics practitioner in Montana - studies
  • Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., with the Health Kinesiology Program from Canada – Levels 1-7
  • Touch For Health Certification with Dr. John Thie in Colorado Springs
  • Claudia is a certified Iridologist through Clayton College of Natural Health and through the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)
  • Sclerology training, an adjunct to Iridology – Dr. Leonard Mehimeuer in Nevada.
  • Zyto Elite training certified in Salt Lake City, Utah – with Dr. Vaughn Cook.
  • And continuing her education

 Her book “Health Is In The Spirit – We Are All We Need” is available on and at the LightWorks Holistic events